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(Billed annually)

  1 User

  1 Smart Control

  1 Linquet Device



(Billed annually)

  Up to 2 Users

  3 Smart Controls

  4 Linquet Devices

  Includes R&S (US)



(Billed annually)

  Up to 5 Users

  7 Smart Controls

  10 Linquet Devices

  Includes R&S (International)

  Lifetime Device Upgrades

Smart Controls

Smart Controls (aka Smart Profiles) allow you to customize your experience (e.g. turning off your Linquet alarms) based on your location and/or the time of day. The more Controls you have, the more you can personalize your experience.


Registration and Shipping costs are included for US customers on the Smart Plan and Internationally on the Pro Plan. R&S costs for the Solo plan differ based on the location.

Device Upgrades

Every time we release a new Linquet model, you'll be getting new devices for free if you are still a Linquet user. As we upgrade our technology, you upgrade with us!

Shipping worldwide