Never lose anything
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Shipping Summer 2014

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Keep track of your phone, keys, wallet, child, pet, ...

Prevent the loss or theft of your phone and valuables. Simply attach Linquets to your valuables and link them to your phone through Bluetooth (no hardware needed on the phone). When the phone or any valuable goes out-of-range (e.g. leaving home without your wallet), Both your phone and your valuable will alarm, preventing you from forgetting/losing your stuff.

Never lose anything

Magic button

Linquet has an amazing programmable button which can be used for cool things like:

•  Finding your phone
•  A camera controller
•  A panic button for emergency situations
•  And much more

Fantastic features

•   Tiny
•   1 year battery (with 24/7 usage)
•   Long range of 100 ft/30 m (open field)
•   Amazing Cloud-based features
•   Automatic loss prevention
•   Audible alarm and flashing lights
•   Highly customizable
•   Simple and intuitive UI
•   Magic button (Phone finder, Panic button, ...)
•   Built-in temperature sensor

Cloud-based solution

Linquet, is a powerful cloud-based solution with amazing features like:

Real-time backup

Just in case you can't hear the alarm, Linquet uploads the time and location to
the cloud in real-time, giving you the power to locate your things afterwards.

Cloud-based profiles

With Cloud-based profiles, you can personalize your experience based on time
and location, like smartly silencing the alarms at night or at the office.

Trusted Friends

You can add the people who you trust to your account so if you leave
something behind, those Trusted Friends™ will be notified to help you retrieve it.

Never lose anything

We ♥ developers

Have a cool idea for Linquet? Great, because Linquet loves developers and we will be releasing our cloud-based API and SDK, which will allow creative developers to build amazing apps for Linquet or integrate Linquet into their own products and services.

Join the Internet Of Things revolution with Linquet, get in touch with us through

linquet SDK
Linq Up Now ▶
Linq Up Now ▶