Frequently Asked Questions

Linquet is the first cloud-based anti-loss solution for phones and valuables. Using Bluetooth Smart (4.0), Linquet can be linqed (added) to your phone through our free app (Bluetooth Smart iOS and Android devices). When your phone or an item fall out of range, both of them will sound an alarm, immediately alerting users and preventing them from losing or misplacing their phone, keys, wallet, tablets, bikes, pets, kids, etc. Just in case you can't hear the alarm, Linquet uploads both the location and time to the cloud in real-time, giving users the power to find their phone and valuables afterwards. With its Smart Controls, you can personalize your experience to your unique way of life, like smartly silencing the alarms at night or when you’re at the office. Also, you can add the people who you trust to your account so if you leave something behind, those Trusted Friends will be notified to help you retrieve it. And thanks to Linquet Network, if a misplaced item is on the move and passes within 100 feet of any other Linquet user, its location will be anonymously and securely updated to the cloud, and the owner will be notified.

As the global village continues to get smaller, our lives are getting busier and our time more precious. More than 160,000 phones are lost or stolen everyday, and that’s in the U.S. alone. There are more than 1.9 billion Smartphone users in the world and according to a study conducted by a Boston Marketing firm, the average American burns up to 55 minutes a day looking for their personal items; that’s 14 days per year, and three years every lifetime! Also, 80% of lost dogs and 98% of lost cats never find their way back to their owners.

You can “linq” multiple Linquets to your phone, giving you the ability to track and protect multiple valuables simultaneously. In order to preserve the best user experience, we recommend using no more than 10 Linquets at the same time.

Linquet is a smart cloud-based solution. And although Linquet devices are quite sophisticated, the true value of Linquet lies within the software and cloud-based services enabled by the hardware. That’s why Linquet provides its devices for free and users can linq up for as low as $2.50/mo.
There are no contracts or commitments (cancel any time). Upon cancellation, Linquet devices simply deactivate and can be reactivated at any time once the service is renewed. With this creative pricing, we’ve made Linquet affordable for everyone while keeping our users long-term interests at heart.

Using your unique referral link, you can invite your friends to linq up. For every friend who does, you'll be rewarded one free month! And there’s no limit to how many friends you can invite though email or social media.

Linquet’s old apps are currently available on the App Store and Google Play. However, for the most up-to-date information on availability of new apps, stay tuned to or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Using your Registration Code (aka pre-order code) you can sign up on If you haven’t received the confirmation request email, please make sure to check your spam folder to confirm your registration and reset your password afterwards.

You will be able to “linq” (or connect) Linquets easily by following the step-by-step instructions on directly from the Linquet app. No need to go to your Bluetooth settings.
In order to linq your Linquet(s) to your phone:

  1. 1. Make sure Bluetooth on your phone in turned ON,
  2. 2. turn ON the Linquets and open the app*,
  3. 3. tap “+” to add your Linquet(s),
  4. 4. When you see the green dot in front of the Linquet it means it’s been successfully linqed. Make sure to linq your Linquets one at a time.
  5. 5. Please repeat the steps 2 and 3 if necessary.

* If a Linquet doesn't get connected to the phone in 30 seconds, it'll shut itself off.

You can customize your Linquet experience by setting/creating different icons, names, ringtones and/or alarm mode (long alarm, short alarm, silent) in order to differentiate between each valuable; you can even set different alarm ranges to better protect different valuables (e.g. pet: far, keys: near)

On your cloud-based Linquet account, you can customize your experience by time and location for different situations, turning Linquet into a smart friend who actually knows you and your habits (e.g., silence the alarms at night, at the office, etc.)

You can share your Linquets with your friends and family. Also if you leave something behind, your Trusted Friends can help you retrieve it.

Linquet is constantly protecting valuables and immediately notifies its users when a linqed valuable goes out of range. In addition, if a valuable does go missing and passes within 100 feet of any other Linquet user, its location will be anonymously and securely updated to the cloud, and the owner will be notified.
The Linquet Network could for instance be helpful for recovering a missing bike. In addition, it can help find a misplaced laptop, a lost pet, or even follow a backpack left on a bus. Imagine the possibilities of a global Linquet Network and the immediate benefits it would create for individual users as well as the whole community. The bigger the network, the more powerful it gets, resulting in more peace of mind for everyone.

There’s no point in linqing if you can’t share, and that’s why you can link your physical world to the people in your life so you can save time and worry less. Sharing doesn't stop with your friends - with Linquet, you can safely rent out your bike on a sunny day, share your keys with your out of town guests, or lend your valuables to your coworker, for a special night out.

While you’re in range, you can push the button on any Linquet for ~2 seconds and your phone will start alarming. Also, you could tap the button again to stop the alarm (Android only).

As soon as your phone is turned off, your Linquet(s) will alarm to warn you.

As soon as any of your Linquets is turned off, your phone will alarm to warn you.

  •   Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0)
  •   Tiny (30 mm x 23.4 mm x 4.8 mm)
  •   Up to 1 year battery (replaceable coin cell battery)
  •   Long range of 150 ft/45 m (open field)
  •   Audible alarm and flashing lights
  •   Magic button (e.g. Phone finder, Panic button, Camera remote)
  •   Built-in temperature sensor

Linquet is compatible with iPhone 4S, and all newer iPhones and iPads (e.g. iPhone 5, iPhone6S+,iPad Mini). It’s also compatible with all Android devices with Bluetooth Smart (4.0+), running Android 4.4.4 and higher.

You would just pay for the first year and you can renew afterwards if you decide so. Rest assured, your subscription will not start until you have received your Linquets.

Currently, iOS11 seems not to be fully stable so we are recommending that users who may experience such instability, follow these steps with our app upon performing an upgrade:
  • Sign-out of Linquet app,

  • Uninstall Linquet app,

  • Restart iPhone,

  • Log back into Linquet app.

We help you never lose anything again by eliminating the chance of it ever happening. Anti-loss is actually preventing the loss of your phone and valuables in the first place. By creating a constant and reliable link between the Linquet cloud, app and devices we can notify users as soon as they become separated from their items. Also depending on your configuration, Linquet cloud can notify your Trusted Friends immediately so they can actively help you retrieve your item before it's too late. This is crucial because otherwise you could be miles away before you realize you left your wallet on the kitchen counter or your camera at the bus station.

The range is up to 100 feet/30 Meters (open field). Range may be shorter in some indoor environments.

Like all Bluetooth devices, the range could be affected by things like thick walls, human body, WiFi or metallic surfaces.

No! You do not have to attach ANY hardware to your phone. All you need is the free Linquet app.

Don’t let the size fool you — Linquet is tiny yet powerful, weighing in at just 5 grams (0.17 ounce). It is a little wider than a quarter and is thin enough to be inserted into your wallet.

Linquets use a standard coin cell battery (CR2025), which can be easily found at most grocery and electronic stores.

The battery will last up to one year and is easily replaceable. In fact, Linquet will even notify you when it is running low (both on the app and on the device) so you can replace the battery before it runs out.

Yes! You can easily replace the battery in any Linquet in just a few seconds. No need to order new hardware or buy new devices.

Please follow the steps shown below to replace your battery.

Steps to change battery
The Linquet’s programmable button can be used for many actions, including finding your phone (even when it’s on silent), as a “Panic Button” in case of an emergency, and as a remote for your phone’s camera so you could take selfies from far away.
  • Hold the button for ~4 seconds to turn ON your Linquet,
  • when linqed, hold the button for ~2 seconds (blue light) to alarm your phone,
  • when linqed, hold the button for ~5 seconds (Red light + beep) for the Linquet action,
  • hold the button for ~8 seconds to turn OFF your Linquet.

From the app, tap on the audio icon in front of the Linquet to make that Linquet alarm. You can tap on the icon again to stop the alarm.

Yes, the alarm is loud (and high pitched) and you will be able to hear it easily, even when in the outdoors.

Yes! In order to enjoy the latest features, you can update the firmware on your Linquets wirelessly when there’s an updated firmware available. You’ll need to update your Linquets one at a time. First, make sure the Linquet that you’d like to update is connected to your phone, has sufficient battery (65%) and is right next to the phone. Then, from your app, tap on that Linquet to go to its menu and then "General Info". If that Linquet does not have the latest firmware, the firmware version will be shown in red. In that case, tap on the firmware version and follow the instructions on the screen to update your Linquet.
* Firmware update is a power-consuming process which takes several minutes. Please avoid unnecessary updates.

Linquet devices are water resistant, so you can comfortably attach them to a pet, child or even an umbrella. Please avoid submerging Linquets or exposing them to high-pressure water.

Yes. Linquet will not prevent you from using your Bluetooth car headset or other Bluetooth devices.

Linquet will be releasing its API to enable builders and developers to unleash their creativity and integrate their technology with Linquet. This will lead to incredibly innovative solutions in all fields, from gaming to sports, to transportation, to music and even retail.

Apple App Store reviews are a one way system, meaning, you can make comments but we are unable to directly respond to you. If you have any comments, bug report or suggestions please contact us directly at

Once we’ve released our cloud-based API, you will be able to integrate Linquet with the apps you are developing. Please email and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more information as we build out our developer program.

To do so, tap on that Linquet from the main page of the app and check the box in front of the "Disable Linquet Button". If you are using Linquet to protect your wallet or purse, we recommend you disable that Linquet device button. If you are using Linquet to protect your dog or cat, we recommend you disable that Linquet device button and also put just the device on silent (you'd still get the anti-loss notifications on your phone). To do so, tap on that Linquet from the main page of the app and change the "Linquet Alarm Type" on "silent".

You need to modify both of the following settings:

1. The Linquet app must be added to the ‘Unmonitored Apps’ list here: Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > (Scroll down) Unmonitored apps > Add apps (select Linquet)

2. We also recommend disabling the ‘Nearby Device Scanning’.
Perform this action in Settings > Connections > More connection settings > Nearby Device Scanning (switch this option off)

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